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Eva, Anne, Aia and Pär


Eva Lindström

  • Ph.D. in General Linguistics.
  • PhD dissertation on the language Kuot, spoken in the village of Bimun and some other villages, in New Ireland Province, in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
  • Researcher at Stockholm university, presently deeply involved in the project "Pioneers of Island Melanesia", a multi-national and cross-disciplinary research project about the deep prehistory of Island Melanesia, within a programme called The Origin of Man, Language and Languages (OMLL) initiated by the European Science Foundation (ESF). .
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Anne Gailit
Economist, web-page designer, TV/video production

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Aia Gailit-Lindström
Marvellously patient and supporting wife to a husband with the habit of repeatedly getting absorbed in time-consuming projects.

(Photo from an "expedition" into the outback of Australia)

    Pär Lindström

  • Educated as an architect - but has never designed any house
  • Worked for 33 years - as a bureaucrat in the state administration
  • Enjoys - now being my own boss
  • Loves - my family, Baltic garlic-fried rye-bread, matured cheese, and early baroque music