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Pär Lindström / Paer Lindstroem


A background:

I visited Lithuania in March 1990, the week before Lithuania declared restoration of its independence. Before going there I tried to find a guidebook on the Baltic states. There was none in Sweden. Nor did I found any in Lithuania. What to do? Write the missing book!

Since then I’ve spent more than a year in the Baltic states. I’ve taken photos of nature, castles and sheds. I’ve heard old people tell about World War II, about times in Siberia and about the years that followed. I’ve heard young people tell about the singing revolution, and seen part of it myself. It has been a fantastic adventure.

So far I’ve managed to publish two books on Estonia and three on Latvia. And some other products. The missing book on Lithuania is not ready yet. It might emerge one day.


To contact Pär:

  • address: Kr. Nilssons v. 26, SE-352 39 Växjö
  • phone: +46 (0)470-74 08 08,
  • mobile phone: +46 (0)70-67 203 33
  • fax: +46 (0)470-74 08 09
  • e-mail: par.lindstrom @ (omit spaces each side of "@")

Some notes on me and my family